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Team Xcelerator is an online project management tool designed for communication, collaboration, and tracking. We also provide features for Agile development teams using Scrum, Kanban, and more. Sign up for your free trial today!


Take back control of your projects. Maintain smooth and streamlined interactions between team members. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Xcelerate your team beyond traditional project management tools with our intuitive Agile support. Here are just some of our many features.


Split time into short, fixed sprints for accomplishing work on time.

Development Lifecycle

From requirements to delivery, track your projet throughout its lifecycle.


Update priorities after collaborating with the team and clients in real-time.


Access the same project details across devices and across the globe.


After each sprint, take look back at what can be improved to help your team get even better.


Need help? Contact us for potential coaching options.

Prepare your team for their new roles with built-in online training

Teams can leverage our online training content included with all subscriptions to learn more about Agile practices, the Team Xcelerator platform, and how to drive performance. Why pay more for separate Agile training when your team can start learning today with our expanding library of user-friendly courses. You can even contact us about specialized training options tailored for your organization.


Team Xcelerator strives to provide affordable pricing options for organizations of all sizes. To help you save money, subscription plans listed are NOT per user like many of our competitors. Additional storage and user package options are also available. Please review our pricing schedule below and start your free trial today.



The Bronze package entitles you to full access to our core project management features. Setup your team, define your work, collaborate, and start tracking team progress in minutes. This package also features a generous 5GB of online storage to easily share documents across your team.

$5 (1 - 10 users), $10 (11 - 25 users), $15 (26 - 100 users)


The Silver package is tailored for Agile teams. In addition to the Bronze features, you can also start leveraging features and reports designed for Scrum, Kanban, and other Agile methodologies. The Silver package also includes an amazing 10GB of online storage. The Silver package is an affordable entry point for new Agile teams.

$10 (1 - 10 users), $20 (11 - 25 users), $30 (26 - 100 users)


The Gold package provides you with all of the great benefits of the Silver package but also features 15GB of online storage. It also entitles you to a discount of 30% off any add-on options such as private coaching, additional online storage, or Agile instructor packages. By becoming a Gold subscription member, you also receive priority support assistance. Please consider signing your team up for the Gold package today!

$20 (1 - 10 users), $40 (11 - 25 users), $60 (26 - 100 users)

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